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Applied Systems Innovations Standard Warranty Policy

Applied Systems Innovations warrants all computer system hardware internal components, keyboards, and mice against manufacturing defects or failure for a period of 3 years from the date of installation.  Monitors are warranted directly from the manufacturer for a period of 3 years.

Printers, scanners, laptop/notebook PC's, or other peripheral devices carry the manufacturer’s warranty which Applied Systems Innovations will honor for the manufacturer’s specified time period from the date of installation.  An optional 3 year support package can be purchased (within 30 days of installation) for any Hewlett Packard peripheral or server purchased.  This support is provided directly by Hewlett Packard and usually provides for direct product replacement or repair in case of product failure.  All networking components (network cards, hubs, and switches) carry a lifetime warranty.

On-site service will be provided for 1 year free of charge to repair or replace any equipment or components failing under terms of this warranty. 

All warranty service is limited to repair or replacement of faulty components.  Any damages to any of the installed computer and networking equipment resulting from misuse, accident, or any other failure are not covered under the warranty.




Extended Warranty

A warranty extension can be purchased to cover all labor for on-site service in the 2nd and 3rd  years of the standard warranty.  This warranty covers all labor to service any computer equipment or networking components installed by ASI.   




Equipment Maintenance Contract

Equipment maintenance contracts can be purchased to service any computer equipment, networking components, or peripherals  purchased from ASI which are outside the standard warranty period.  These contracts cover all parts and labor for on-site service and can be purchased on a fixed price or time and materials basis.